SC4ARES membership registration:

SC4ARES members serve their community and help their neighbors by using their training and volunteering their personal time, skill and equipment. There is a time commitment to training and personal deployments, while not frequent, have typically run around four to six hours long. In a major disaster it’s conceivable deployments may run twelve hours or more. If you are ready to join:

  1. Obtain Technician class or higher Amateur Radio License.
  2. Complete FEMA IS-100 course or equivalent. We have accepted completion of CERT training as equivalent to IS-100 for ARES skill level 1.
  3. Register with
    • You will be sent a link to fill out an application form on-line.
    • If accepted; You will be sent a link to sign up for our mailing list: This is the primary way we notify people ahead of time if there’s a need for volunteers.
  4. You will receive your ARES Standardized Training Plan Task Book. It is your responsibility as an ARES communicator to:
    • Review and understand Task Book requirements.
    • Identify desired objectives/goals.
    • Satisfactorily demonstrate completion of tasks for each level.
    • Assure the evaluations are completed.
    • Maintain and keep the Task Book up to date.
    • Make Task Book available during assignments.
    • Submit completed Task Book to Section Management.

SC4ARES membership:

Entry level 1 communicators are encouraged, but not required, to advance to level 2 as soon as practical.

Membership in SC4ARES runs 12 months from July 1 to June 30. To maintain good standing:

  1. Maintain and keep your own Task Book up to date.
  2. Net participation is required at least once per quarter (Participation in the Monday night net, on air exercises, public service events and emergency or disaster nets count as net participation.)
  3. Serve as net control at least once each year (Serving as net control on the Monday night net, a public service event, emergency or disaster net counts.)
  4. Attend in-person at least three technical training sessions each year. Training sessions are held in odd numbered months (January, March, May, July, September and November.) A schedule of events is maintained at under the heading “Upcoming SC4ARES Events” or our calendar.