ARES Field Organization

ARES is a program of ARRL, The National Association for Amateur Radio®, offering to the public and to its partners trained federally licensed operators who are skilled in applying a wide range of effective emergency/disaster communications techniques and who are committed to supporting our partners’ missions in service to the public. SC4ARES consists of licensed radio amateurs in the Southcoast, South County area of San Mateo who have registered with their local ARES leadership volunteering personal time, skill and equipment to serve in the public interest.

ARRL’s governance structure divides the United States into 15 ARRL divisions. Every three years, ARRL members in each of these divisions elect both a director and a vice director to represent them on the ARRL’s Board of Directors.

  • Division Director – (Pacific Division) Kristen McIntyre, K6WX, Vice-director – Anthony Marcin, W7XM.

The ARRL divides the United States and its territories into 71 administrative sections. Many sections are comprised of a single state, but a few of the larger states, such as Texas or California, are divided into two or more sections.

The membership in each section elects a section manager (SM) once every two years. The SM is responsible for managing the Field Organization programs in their section. Through coordinators, the SM recruits ARRL volunteers to staff various crucial program areas.

  • Section Manager – (Santa Clara Valley) James Armstrong, NV6W. Assistant Section Managers – Wayne Opp, N6BTU and John Parks, W6JPP.
  • District Emergency Coordinator – (Coastside San Mateo County) Peter Chupity, KI6FAO. Assistant District Emergency Coordinators – Bob Smith, W6RES and Linda Bennett, W6LJB.
  • Southcoast Emergency Coordinator – (La Honda, Loma Mar, Pescadero, Butano, San Gregorio, South Skyline) – Peter Chupity, KI6FAO. Assistant Emergency Coordinator – Jeneen Sommers, W6NCS.